Self-driven Cars to be On Roads by 2020: Business Insider

As the technology is taking a front seat in the contemporary times, every field is transforming with the advancement in technology. The transport system is one such field that is set to transform itself with high-end technology. Huge automobile companies around the world are on plans to launch vehicles that drive by themselves with partial or no human intervention. Self-driven cars are to become the future of transport system.

Business Insider has recently reported that there is a wide possibility for approximately 10 million cars with features that allows limited or no driver interaction with regard to acceleration, brake, and steer to be on the road by 2020.

The big companies in the automobile industry are preparing the market for the introduction of self-driving vehicles. Companies like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Tesla have announced that they are in the process of producing cars that are equipped with some level of autonomy.

Even companies like Google are gearing up towards launching their automated vehicles on roads using high-end technology.

The Business Insider has predicted that the fully or partially automated cars to be on roads by 2020 based on the level of technology present today. And also based on the assumption with regard to the form and shape technology might take in coming years.

Nevertheless, the report made by Business Insider based on predictions is specific to user-operated self-driving technology, with partial automated-ness. There is a need to put in huge efforts for building the technology that offers complete autonomy to have driverless cars hit the roads.

However, there are issues and major hurdles to technology that offers complete automation. Problems with roads and inaccurate road networks stand as hurdles in enjoying such technology. Most importantly the cost that requires to produces cars that are completely automated makes it accessible to only a few sections of the society.

Even after the formulation of such technology, regulations and clarifications are to be finalised.

The self-driving cars are to revolutionise the transport system. It also provides much convenience to the users.



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