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A drug with an ingredient called, Gammora to cure HIV/AIDS

HIV/ AIDS is considered the most dangerous disease as it has resulted in numerous deaths all around the world. Nevertheless, it is no more a thing to be worried about as the team of researchers in Israel have identified a protein, Gammora which is believed to destroy the virus.

Various individuals on Earth are considered to be suffering from HIV/ AIDS. The intensity of severity of AIDS/ HIV lies in the fact that there is no cure for it except for prevention. According to the newspaper, Times of Israel, the protein found is considered to destroy the virus in infected patients by 97 percent in just eight days.

The findings sound a sign a relief among the patients suffering from HIV/ AIDS. Statistics reveal that the disease has killed more than million people globally in just 2015.

The HIV virus basically attacks the white blood cells of human body known as a CD4, which protect the body from infections and illness like the flu.

The virus once attacks CD4 cells leads to a multiplicity of cells and in the process destroys CD4 cells. As the level of CD4 cells in human body goes below the 200 per cubic millimetre of blood, it progresses into AIDS.

A team of scientists at Hebrew University in Jerusalem have tested the new drug with the protein identified was placed in the test tubes containing the blood samples of the HIV/ AIDS attacked patients.

The active ingredient used in the drug called Gammora caused several copies of the virus’s DNA to enter an infected CD4 cell, instead of the usual one or two, claimed the researchers.

This has further resulted in, the affected white blood cell to destruct itself, leaving the virus any scope to spread further.

The team of researchers have claimed that the tests using the drug containing Gammora will continue with a hope to kill 100 per cent of the infected HIV cells.