Cryonics: Process of Preserving Body after Death that Can Bring Back Life

Embracing the future through rebirth is a known concept but there is a slight change in the method of preserving the body. Well-known Egyptian cult of preserving bodies with their things is a believed tradition, that the people are born again and use those things for their needs.  The same concept has been requested by a fourteen-year-old girl, to preserve her body through Cryonics.

Cryonics is the process of deep freezing the body that has an incurable disease for future curing. The controversial part here is that nobody yet knows if it’s possible to bring the body back to life.

An anonymous girl  from London who is suffering from rare cancer has won the historic moment of preserving her body through cryonics. The girl has written a letter to the Judge requesting that she would like to live longer and does not want to be buried underground. With the request, the girl has been taken to the US and preserved there. This Cryonics method facility is available in US and Russia where bodies can be preserved in liquid nitrogen.

The only hope left to the girl is that she can be cured later when the technology improves. The girl did not want to die but wanted to live. It was in the method cryonics that the girl found her hope in. Her father, however, diverged with the opinion of the girl, nevertheless, her mother stood by her decision and agreed to preserve the girl’s body using cryonics.

The whole cost for preservation is made by her mother’s family. Her father stated that even after her treatment and when brought to life  she wouldn’t find any relative or family person to talk and live with.

This idea of bringing life again using cryonics has put the privilege of extraordinary individuality. The court decision to her request has put everyone into anxious. The court has responded positively to the request made by the girl suffering from cancer. The girl knowing about the court’s judgement felt ‘delighted’ and referred to the judge as “Mr Hero Peter Jackson”.

Later, the girl died in October, and her body preserved in cryonics box and hope that she would attain life after years and live has she expected to be.



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