A Vaccine to Attack Multiple Viral Infections That Cause Common Cold

The common cold is one thing that all of us planet earth have experienced. It at times gets frustrating and annoying. With the rapid improvements in the medical science field, one no longer has to curse common cold for a bad day. A team of scientists from Emory University have found a vaccine which is surprisingly simple to produce.

The main problem in finding an effective cure for common cold is that there are numerous factors that cause common cold. Nevertheless, the vaccine found out by the team of scientists targets multiple strains.

Martin Moore one of the researchers said, “It’s surprising that nobody tried such a simple solution over the last 50 years.” “We just took 50 types of rhinovirus and mixed them together into our vaccine, and made sure we had enough of each one.”

The new found vaccine is a mixture of different rhinoviruses. Rhinoviruses are the viral infections that cause common cold. Thereby, this vaccine is believed to attack all such viral infections.

When the vaccine is tested on mice and macaques, the researchers have identified that it stimulated antibody responses against all the types of rhinovirus in the drug. Thence, effectively knocking out multiple threats with a single hit.

However, this cannot be considered as a cure for common cold as it is yet to be tested in humans. The scientists earlier have received success in vaccinating against a single rhinovirus. There have not been any case where one vaccine could act against multiple rhinoviruses. The new found vaccine is unique in this context.

The researchers explain that by introducing a wide range of rhinovirus types into the body, the immune system gears to counterattack. Thereon whenever the body encounters rhinovirus the immune system will be able to fight it.

In the initial trials on animals, 25 different inactivated types of rhinovirus were used on mice and 50 on the macaques, and in each case, the animals were shown to produce antibodies targeted at each of those specific types. The amount of protein in each dose was, however, the same.

Moore stated, “The variants are like a bunch of slightly different Christmas ornaments, not really like 50 totally different vaccines mixed.”

He further added, “We think that creating a vaccine for the common cold can be reduced to technical challenges related to manufacturing.”

The team is now on a search for the volunteers to perform trials on humans. If the results prove to be successful it will be the first ever vaccine to cure common cold.



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