Can Science Fiction Save The World

“ Science & Education, when devoid of a Social Conscience or Environmental or Human concern, are meaningless ” ~ Jacque Fresco

This statement holds true especially in the contemporary times, where technology is the frontrunner. The present age is being characterised by impersonal checks, inspections, scans and interrogations. The individual is reduced to binary bits.

Technology despite its numerous benefits can be held successful only when it is grounded in the Prime Directive i.e our harmonious, self-sustaining, prosperous survival.

Technology like any other invention is subjected to dual- edged blade of man’s intellect. Thereby, technology can simultaneously be our Liberator or our Enslaver, our Salvation or our Damnation.

It is completely upon us as consumers of technology to use technology either for enhancing our lives or to be dictated by it. Technology has become the process through which we change and evolve.

Technology can employ to come up with solutions for our problems which are transparent. A ripple effect has been produced causing not only the exponential growth of the human species but a whole lot of addiction problems. Which is further accompanied by irrational behaviour which is now in a sick symbiotic whirlpool, inextricably linked as a part of that greater cataclysmic ‘shift’ occurring across the globe?

There is a need for us to understand that we are a part of the great transformative pattern. In order to make the world better, it is important to fight the present system. Adapting mano-to-mano hands on approach i.e from within ‘Crowds’ is short-sighted in the extreme.

Fights need to be grounded on an intellectual basis and in cyberspace where the future lies.

Thinkers like H.G.Wells, Jules Verne, Carl Sagan, Arthur C.Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Gene Roddenberry, Philip.K.Dick, Jacque Fresco have deciphered the transformative power of the technology. Thereby they wrote about the technology and helping us to create a pathway for evolutionary future.



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