ByFusion: Tranforming Plastic Waste into Construction Blocks

Plastic waste is one of the factors that give way to global warming and other serious environmental issues. There is a dire need to curb plastic waste and also to come up with an efficient way of disposing of such waste. ByFusion is doing a tremendous work by using the plastic waste in oceans to produce construction blocks.

It is predicted that by 2050 there will be more plastic in our ocean than fish. Such plastic waste besides posing a threat to the flora and fauna of the ocean system is a major contributor to Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

ByFusion is a startup with a 100% modular technology platform that converts all types of plastic waste into a new building material. ByFusion produces construction blocks known as ‘RePlast.’ The dimensions, size and physical look of RePlast is identical with the common concrete blocks.

RePlast though resembles with the concrete block, it is better than it in more than one way. RePlast contributes 95% lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) compared to a concrete block. It has very high thermal and acoustic insulation. RePlast further requires no glue or adhesive for using it.

The process of transforming plastic waste into construction blocks is nearly 100% carbon neutral and adapts non- toxic manufacturing process. It is a well-streamlined process, there is no need of sorting or pre-washing required. Just shovel in the plastic waste and the transformation process begins.

ByFusion initially is focusing on Hawaii and is trying to provide a safer environment for more than 7000 species and coral reefs. ByFusion holds a vision to put all the plastic waste to work permanently. It is committed to making RePlast cost effective so that it is affordable for everyone.

As our world is drowning in plastic waste, ByFusion is passionately committed to finding a solution. ByFusion is doing an incredible work and it is important to support such great work.



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