Dyson Sphere: Captures energy in Huge Quantities From Sun

There is a great need to produce energy in great quantities so as to meet the rising demands. A Dyson sphere is such structure that allows producing energy in huge amounts.

Dyson sphere is a hypothetical megastructure that completely encompasses a star and captures most or all of its power output.

The present scenario is marked by the rising demand for energy with the consequent increase in population. A structure like Dyson sphere is thereby required to produce energy in huge amounts so as to meet the demands from all over the world.

Numerous studies on harnessing sun’s immense energy have been in place since the discovery of solar energy.

Astro Physicist Freeman Dyson in 1960, has propagated an idea through speculation that a technologically advanced race would seek to harness sun’s immense energy by encircling it with a sphere-like object.

“One should expect that, within a few thousand years of its entering the stage of industrial development, any intelligent species should be found occupying an artificial biosphere which completely surrounds its parent star,” Dyson wrote in his 1960 Science paper.

However, building such a massive structure like Dyson sphere is not completely possible. Primarily because, the factors like gravitational stresses, structural in-habitability, and location instability pitch in. Moreover, the scientists are yet to discover the materials and engineering capabilities to make Dyson sphere a reality.

Nevertheless, the idea of capturing energy using our home star is commendable. Few scientists suggest that instead of building Dyson sphere it is more convenient and better to opt Dyson swarm. The Dyson Swarm is made up of one-kilometer (0.6 mi) solar panels that orbit the Sun in hundreds of stable criss-cross patterns.

So as to achieve this objective researchers believe that as a first step it is required to cannibalise mercury and blow it up to harvest the materials with which the swarm is supposed to be built.



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