Life of a Physicist: Uncovering Truth About the Cosmos

It is through physicist that we get to know about the origins and material composition of almost everything and anything. It is physicists who have discovered the little-known information about the origins of our planet Earth and Universe. Zeal for atoms, stars is commonly found in all the physicists.

The job of a physicist includes dealing with theories that describe aspects of sub- atomic and atomic world such as ‘dark matter’ and ‘Higgs Boson’. It is a study based on predictions. “The actual work is done partially on pen and paper, especially to formally understand a mathematical model or physical mechanism. For detailed computations, we often write programs and run them on laptops or supercomputers,”shared a physicist.

The job of a physicist is unbelievably social as they are primarily researchers presenting ideas to one another.  Thereby, physicists spend a lot of time travelling for seminars and to attend conferences.

The job of a physicist is, however, not an easy task. It involves in-depth research, less income in the initial stages and less personal time. Moreover, the work is open- ended and self-motivated. Though this provides freedom to the most physicists at most times, it is also considered to be a source of insecurity.

There are few women and people belonging to ethnic minorities found in the field in comparison to men, according to one of the physicists. The physicist further believes that it is important to overcome such institutional barriers and make it more inclusive.

Nevertheless, engaging in discovering new things and studying atoms gives moments of joy. “Every now and then, you feel like you are uncovering nuggets of universal, objective truth about the cosmos. These moments of transcendence are predicated by months and years of confusion, obsession, mistakes and incremental work. Even if a particular discovery or insight isn’t your own, being able to understand it and grasp its significance inspires awe,”explains the physicist.




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