ORWL: A Physical Computer that offers Complete Security

Security is important for anything and is present for almost everything. Securing ideas, thoughts, and one’s work is extremely required. Computers are where almost all of us store the information regarding our work these days. However, information stored in normal computers is not completely safe, because of lack of proper security arrangements. ORWL is probably the first physical computer that offers complete security covering up such gaps.

ORWL is a computer designed by Design SHIFT in collaboration with Intel. ORWL is a physically secure computing platform, applying banking level security to consumer computers. ORWL requires both a key and a password to be used. ORWL protects against physical attacks and will secure erase if tampered with. ORWL will replace your desktop computer at work or at home and provide additional protection to your system.

ORWL is very small and fits in the palm of a hand. On the outside, it has 2 USB ports and a Micro HDMI cord, power button and OLED display. It displays the security statistics on the screen. On the inside its built with Intel Skylake CPU, RAM & automatically encrypted storage. Secure Microcontroller (MCU) holds the key to encrypted drive.

The encryption software has become increasingly sophisticated, nevertheless, most computer hardware has to compromise easily by physical access. ORWL covers such technical gaps. For the first time, ORWL brings the banking security protocols and state of the art authentication technologies to the personal computer.

It requires both the password and a physical key to power on ORWL.  A secure microcontroller subsystem controls the power. Without such confirmed authentication it is merely implausible to gain access to the data stored in it.

Despite the ORWl key acts as a gatekeeper, ORWL’s outer glass also acts as a protective shield. The glass case is 3D honeycomb, tamper proof, active mesh shell that protects the unique key of each computer. The microcontroller will instantly erase the key to all the data inside ORWL if any an attempt is made to break in or alter this mesh.

Source: http://www.design-shift.com/orwl/



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