ImmunRise: A Rising Company in Developing Organic Solutions

ImmunRise is a company which has marked itself in the field of biotechnology with its innovative approach. It has been created and developed by Laurent de Crasto and Lionel Navarro. ImmunRise shares the vision of proposing alternatives to synthetic pesticides by approaching environment friendly solution.

Laurent de Crasto is an agronomist and oenologist. He is founder of two companies, one in wine sector and the other in natural flavors sector for e-cigarette, both based in Aquitaine. Lionel Navarro is a researcher at the ENS. He has developed tools to identify natural molecules used to protect certain plants.

ImmunRise products use natural molecules that act either directly on pathogens of agricultural crops or indirectly stimulating the immune defenses of the plant.

Laurent de Crasto and Lionel Navarro studying microalgae have triggered off the creation of ImmunRise. ImmunRise is unique because microalgae is a less studied field. In their study on microalgae they have identified that a natural microalgae strain have an inhibitory effect on curbing the growth of the main fungus, fulfilling the purpose of an fertiliser. They have performed the initial trial tests on grape leaves. Tests have proved that the microalgae can be used to replace synthetic products. Thereby, paving way to organic solutions and a greener world.

The company at present is engaged in the second stage of the development of the project. ImmunRise is now set to identify the molecules responsible for these effects and their application on plants. The next step would be to optimize action time taken by the microalgae and to minimize the amount of micro-algae used. Laurent de Crasto exclaimed that, “Ultimately, this innovation should become a real industrial solution for European culture, particularly French culture .

Paris Region Business has played a crucial role in supporting ImmunRise to arrive at organic solutions. ImmunRise has now turned towards international markets and is participating in SME Instrument project, a European funding program for SMEs with high growth potential, which accompanies Paris Region Companies. It is looking forward to US and has already got into French Tech Hub, the US subsidiary of Paris Region Companies. Laurent de Crasto explained, ” French Tech Hub will put us in touch with actors working in our business and with potential financial partners across the Atlantic .”




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