IXS Enterprise: A starship that Enables Faster-Than-Light Space Travel

Space has various galaxies and stars that are yet to be unraveled. It holds various potentialities that have immense effects on our planet Earth. NASA studies lead by the scientist Harold G. White have designed the first futuristic starship. The starship is called IXS Enterprise and is designed as a proof of concept for the goal of achieving warp travel.

It a groundbreaking idea that could allow space travel faster than light. Warp travel is used to refer to faster-than-light (FTL) spacecraft propulsion system. As widely identified with a sci-fi movie, Star Trek. It is no more attached to the field of fiction as it has already started to take the shape of reality.

Through IXS Enterprise researchers are hoping to make faster- than- light (FTL) travel possible with the help of Alcubierre Drive. IXS Enterprise works by distorting time and is equipped with warp drive. The drive is based on Einstein’s field equations in general relativity. The warp drive allows the starship to bend the space around it. Thereby, enabling distortion of time and further making distances shorter.

The starship if comes into the application can make the 4.3 light year journey to the Alpha Centauri in just two weeks. Alpha Centauri is the closest star system to our solar system.

Mark Rademaker has collaborated with White to deal with designing and artcraft of the starship. Rademaker while speaking about warp drive informed that “We wanted to have a decent image of a theory conforming Warp ship to motivate young people to pursue a STEM career.” “It does have some Sci-Fi features that might never transfer to a possible final design unless we really want to.”

Humankind has achieved a lot till now and still, there is much to unfold and learn. Space is one such arena where still a huge part of it is still a mystery. Hence, learning about it is important. Time is very crucial in all fields of study, Similarly, in order to speed up space travel NASA has already engaged itself in IXS Enterprise.



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