Anti- Aging; By clearing the body of Senescent cells.

Anti- aging is one of the fields where the researchers are continuously working on. Primarily, because there is a huge demand for anti- aging solutions. Everyone would obviously love to feel young despite aging. Age would then be just about numbers in real. Given the pace of the technological advancements anti- aging does not seem a distant dream. A recent study published in the journal Nature reveals that it is possible to increase the lifespan by wiping out senescent cells from the body. It is a study made by the researchers at Mayo clinic performed on mice.

Senescent cells are cells that, due to biological stress, stop dividing and accumulate in our bodies over time. Though their exact role remains unknown, senescent cells have been linked to nearly every age-related disease, from glaucoma and osteoarthritis to kidney failure and type 2 diabetes. It’s no wonder the cells get their name from Latin verb senescere, which literally means “to grow old.”

Researchers on identifying that senescent cells accumulate on aging. One of the study’s authors Darren Baker, explained  “What happens if we prevent them from being there? Do we see effects on the aging, health, and lifespan of animals?”

As the process of experiment, researchers injected a drug called AP20187 into mice. Drug AP20187 would make senescent cells kill themselves over time. Over the course of six months, researchers have found out that the mice that have been injected the drug are healthier over others.  Through the experiment, it found that the life spans could increase up to 30%.

However, it is not going to be as simple as this with humans. Nevertheless, a newly launched startup called Unity Biotechnology is developing a drug that would work in humans.

Ned David, CEO of the company said, “We believe that using a small molecule drug, we can destroy senescent cells that are driving this process and halt disease in its track.” “These cells appear to drive the process of osteoarthritis, and we find that when we clear them from animals, that disease cannot proceed. You can imagine us building a drug in the future where it doesn’t hurt to be old anymore. I’m personally pretty psyched about that.”





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