Cleaner Biogas from Organic Waste: Home Biogas

The fast pace of technological advancements must also ensure sustainable development. Ecology forms a crucial role in human life. The ever increasing population and consequently, pollution creates a much dire need to protect and save nature. A company, Home Biogas has designed an innovative product that converts organic waste into biogas. It also produces natural liquid fertiliser.

Composting has since long been considered for the efficient usage of resources. With Home Biogas, one can take this step much further. It’s the best for self- sustained sustainability. Home Biogas makes it easy for the urban living population to go green.

The product resembles a miniature greenhouse which consists various components. There’s a suspended digester tank, a built-in gas storage unit, a heat-capturing solar cover, a special patented gas pressure mechanism and filter, as well as a chlorinator. All these components work in synchronization with one another to digest up to 6 quarts of food waste a day. These components, thereby convert the organic waste into renewable energy.

Clean biogas is produced that contains around 65 percent methane and 35 percent carbon dioxide, which allows for over three hours of cooking.

Home Biogas is efficient and environment-friendly and importantly, is the need of the hour. Moreover, it is also convenient to use and can be assembled wherever one wants it.

Oshik Efrati, CEO of HomeBiogas said, “Our goal at HomeBiogas is to make this system available to everyone, whether you live in a rural area or are an urbanite with a modern kitchen.” “Our system eliminates waste, makes clean gas, and puts an end to breathing in cooking smoke. If everyone owned a HomeBiogas unit, our world would be much cleaner, safer, and greener.”

It is a responsibility of every individual to pass the better environment to the future generations. Home Biogas enables one to take part in the green revolution through its product.




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