Farm from a boxlike structure: community farming. Reinvented

Rapid increase in population and the rate of change of climatic conditions due to globalization has led to the scarcity of food all over the world. Statistic shows there are a total of One-billion people struggling with hunger and poverty each year. And the US have 50 million people itself who are poverty stricken and are unable to get abundant food for them.

Here is a California based tech that is co-founded by Brandi DeCarli and can be used in those areas where people don’t get nutritious food. It is an all-in-one kit designed to spread modern farming techniques to the places where we need it most.


Farm from a box” is a high-tech enabled fully integrated farming unit that can be used to farm sufficient food and can support 150 people’s complete diet every year. The whole system can be set on a 2-acre land. The box is made out of a 20 ft shipping container, which after landing on the site will unfold with high-tech tools and systems which will required for a small firm.

Each Farm from the box is customized with various eRenewabl energy systems that include power generation from solar panels. Water is a vital component in any firm; which is here engineered to optimize the available water resources. It also comes with Dripped irrigation technology which will conserve water and the droplet directly will fall on that particular root part where plants are placed and also will reduce labor. It is an easy to set-independent sustainable farming system that will bring very positive effect in many parts of world making it healthier and more green system.

With Farm from the box tech use the communities will be producing their own food and not depending on the food aid. It will also bring them self sufficiency and empowerment.

Farm from a Box has a model establishment in Sonoma, California, with another set to dispatch in Ethiopia’s Rift Valley right on time one year from now. One will cost between $25,000-$45,000 relying upon the level of innovation inside. The most costly forms will accompany the mapping and detecting abilities, while the lower-end ones will be simpler/basic one.

DeCarli is hoping to sell the tech to aid agencies and MNCs so that instead of providing people food in the time of scarcity, we can make them self sufficient to grow and sustain food of their own.





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  1. CriticalThinker

    While this is great…it has nothing to do with Transhumanism.

    • Hello,Can you explain why it’s not related to transhumanism?

    • Robert Johnson

      The evolution of the food production IS related to transhumanism! Because it’s related to the human evolution with technology. Who do you think you are to talk like this?

      • Hello Robert,
        Can you be more respectful? Please

  2. Robert Johnson

    Sorry Tommy,
    But free criticism unfounded exasperates me.

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