Vortex laser is the hope for Moore’s Law

The speed of the computers is increasing day by day. The size becomes smaller and the performance is improving day by day. The world is progressing in science and computers play their vital role in it. As the research goes further in science, the requirement of better and fast computers arises. Researchers are working on different things to enhance the speed and performance of these computers.

Moore’s Law

The developers of the processors also want to keep up with the Moore’s Law. According to the Moore’s Law, the speed of the computers will be doubled every year. In last few years, developers are not keeping up with the Moore’s law, but they do find something that may help them to keep them up with the Moore’s law.

Vortex Laser Beam

The developers have found the faster way to transfer data. Ultimately, it increases the processing speed and data transfer speed as well. There is a whirlpool pattern have been discovered by the researchers. The data transfers in the circular motion and so the researchers have called him vortex. The data transformation in the circular motion is way faster than the ordinary pattern which was followed to transfer the data.

Future of Computer Processors

Now there is a hope that, speed of computers will keep up with the Moore’s law. With the help of many Ph.Ds. this discovery has made. The vortex laser beam will be consuming less energy and so the speed is much better than before. With the passage of time, the size of the processor decreases and the speed increases. Now optical advancement was required to discover this vortex laser beam.

Optical communication was really old. It used in lighthouses and now in modern cables to transfer data with the speed of light. Vortex beam is one step towards the more speed and better processing of the computers.



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