Cyborg Hands for the Astronauts

Another step towards the futuristic use of robots has been taken by the scientists and engineers. The time when the robotic suits will be helping in almost every activity whether it is in factories, in construction of building and in wars against enemies will come soon and these power suits will no longer be limited to super hero movies. It is possible that the advancement in the robotic technology may prove as a catalyst for the revolution in the industries.

The Robotic Hand

Recently a progress was seen in the development of robotic technology. A combined team of engineers and experts from NASA and the General Motors (GM) collaborated in the development of a “K-Glove” it is type of a robotic hand glove for humans. This glove is especially designed for the astronauts to observe its capabilities in the space environment.

The K-Glove is the latest version of the robotic gloves that were made in the past. The first version of robot glove was introduced in 2003 and an improved one came after a short time. The previous version of the robot glove was worked on a lithium ion battery with a weight of almost 2 pounds.

Idea behind the “Robot Glove”

Robot glove project can be described as the extension project of “Robonaut 2”. Robonaut 2 is the first humanoid robot which was also built by the same organizations that is NASA and the General Motors. Robonaut 2 or R2 was created to perform activities in the space. The project is an initiation of a new era where human would not have to carry out dangerous activities the humanoid robots would do it for them.

The Working and usage of the “K-Glove”

The glove is a mechanical device that works by the mechanical senses such as pressure. Pressure sensors are installed in the glove, whenever the user applies some force or pressure to carry an object or some other activity the pressure sensors are pressed which acts as a stimulus for the glove to work. In this way carrying a heavy object becomes a lot easier; the user would only have to apply a little force to lift it. Developers of robot glove are quite enthusiastic to introduce the K-Glove in the market so that industries can take advantage of it. The work load of worker on shop floor will be greatly reduced and work safety hazards can be greatly reduced. But as of now astronauts are the main focus for it development. Robot glove will assist astronauts in the space stations to carry out various activities in space.



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