Possibilities and Problems behind uploading a brain to computer

Technological advancement is at peak today. The collaboration of science and engineering is creating wonders each passing day.  With this advancement in technology, it has been made possible to do thing which were just fictions and ideas of some scientific brain.

The concept of a digital brain

Perhaps it has always been the goal of technology to reach a point where human kind becomes the ultimate being with no limitations such as death. So in order to achieve this goal, its the concept of digital brain or uploading a normal human brain into the computer has been introduced. This the same concept of transhumanism according to which humans can reach to point which is beyond its current conditions. The era of when the human mind could be converted into digital data is close enough. Some scientists believe that it is only a few decades away when human mind will reach a sort of immortality by living in the virtual reality world.

Are we able to do it?

So the big question for now is? Is it possible and can we pull it out? And the answer is yes,it is possible, but not with the current level of technology,   but if the technology keeps advancing at the same pace we might be able to do it in near future.

It is not as simple as said though. Many difficulties and complex problems are in the way of achieving it. The Human brain is made up of almost 85 billion neural cells , which form the neural system. Each neuron sends electrical signal to another cell which make an electrical connection between them. All together these cells form a complex network with billions of connections. If the brain is too uploaded in a computer,  then the function of each molecule and cell is to be known. The neural circuit is to be solved and replicated into a digital system to perform functions as a brain does. So the idea is at hand and it is possible we might be able to witness certain breakthroughs in the future.



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