“Enterprise Immune System” Solution to Cyber threats

Cyber space and related threat

The virtual world of cyberspace created by interconnecting computers and computer networks with the help of internet connections has no limit to its use today. Cyberspace has changed the concept of globalization interconnecting billions of people around the world. Whether it is social media or business everything is now associated with it. Cyberspace has replaced the conventional methods of warfare involving new parameters and aspects.

With this much expansion in the world of cyberspace the graph of cyber security related threats have also been observing an increasing trend. Cyber criminals are becoming more and more problematic. These crimes are not just limited to getting access to personal information but the level of threats is continuously evolving. It can mean meddling with the stock market even causing upsets in the national economy of states or access to nuclear arsenal which can result in a total devastation of the world. So it is can be easily said that there is a lot of damage these cyber threats can cause than we can imagine.

 The Enterprise Immune System

The DARKTrace Corporation in association with senior cyber security experts from the University of Cambridge and officials from cyber intelligence departments has been developing “Enterprise Immune System” to control and resolve cyber security issues. The system is based on the concept of human immune system. Human immune system deals with the external threats like viruses and diseases by distinguishing them from human cells and tissues, and by destroying external threats. The system continuously evolves according to the increasing level of threats.

Enterprise immune system works on the same principle this technology observes every pattern involved in the network. It analyzes the work pattern of it user as an individual and all other devices involved in the network. By analyzing these patterns the enterprise observes any deviations from normal and predicts future attacks. The system is continuously evolves according to the work environment and to counter any possible cyber attack in the future.



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