Sensors that can turn you into Cyborg

Introducing living cyborgs

It has been almost a two or three decades since we have been familiarized with the term “Cyborg”. Cyborg is the short form of “Cybernetic Organism”. Such an organism consists of both the body of an organism and biomechanical machines.  We have seen most of these organisms as a television or movie character as it was technologically so advanced that humans were just not able to build such in real life. But it required only a motivation and a spark to do so. So now a color blind person from London called Neil Harbisson, motivated by the lecture of digital futurist Adam Montandon decided to improve his state of color blindness, so Neil designed a gadget that would make him see colors or rather feel them. A rather modified version of this device is now being implanted in his body making him the one of the world first living cyborg.

The Cyborg Nest

Neil Harbisson became the first the cyborg by implanting a modified version of his sensor which was larger in size and he had to carry it in his bag back. But now Harbisson has implanted a small sensor on the back of his neck by surgery. A small antenna like device curves over his head to a little above his head. It translates vibrations in to color signals.

After his success in development of a device for color blind person, Harbisson along his fellows including Moon Ribas, Steve Haworth, Liviu Babitz and Scott Cohen has started a company named Cyborg Nest for developing more such sensory and other devices for disabled or impaired people and to enhance their already existing senses.

The company has already designed and manufactured its first device called the “North Sense” it is almost a square inch in size and can be implanted easily in the human body so that the person can sense geomagnetic activity of the earth or more easily can sense earthquakes. But there are a lot of ethical issues in introducing it in the market for regular people to use. But still cybernetic organisms are our future and we will be seeing them a lot in near future.




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