Artificially Developed Humans Our Future

For a long time scientist and medical practitioners are trying to solve the mystery behind the birth of living human being, technology has not been able to completely describe the processes and phenomena taking place in the womb of mother for a long time. Even now it is not able to completely understand these natural phenomena. But science has clearly not gained some information and understanding of the process and is no longer completely ignorant.

Artificial embryo development

Improvement in technology and equipped with a large amount of research and study that has been carried out in this particular field of interest it is now possible for the medical science to explain some phases involved in the development and nourishment of an embryo in the womb.

Experiments have been carried out on animals more specifically mice to understand the initial development stages of the life in the womb. After the first seven days the phase of development called implantation this phase is quite poorly understood. Another seven days later the embryo starts organizes forming a spherical cluster of cells after which the signs of life inside the womb begins to appear.

Artificial Wombs

All these processes have been observed during the experiments performed on animal embryos in the laboratories under artificial conditions. To understand the actual development processes involved in human birth, researchers used the knowledge gained from mice embryo developments under artificial conditions.

Researchers from Europe and United States have carried out experiment for artificial human development without women wombs. They have been successful in producing human embryos in a completely artificial environment in a Petri dish, providing necessary amount of oxygen and other nutrients for the growth process. The researchers were able to sustain the embryo for almost two weeks but had to terminate the experiment after 13 days because of ethical reasons. There is exists a rule that inhibits researchers from 17 countries to terminate the process after 14 days which is currently a hindrance in the development of human babies in artificial wombs. Certain scientific regions have already raised voices to reconsider the rule because artificially created human babies are the future whether ethical or not it is inevitable.



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