Cognitive Computing System “IBM Watson”

Introduction to Cognitive Computing

A new era of computing system has begun as the introduction of cognitive computing in to the market of computer processing. The computing systems of the pasts’ decision making were basically based on mathematically derived solutions of the problems. These programmable systems were fed with the solution of particular methods which required human a lot of human intervention. Now after years of research and advancement in computer technology scientist have cognitive computing have came in to being. With rapid development in every field whether it is science, business, engineering or medical a huge amount of data has made it difficult for ordinary computer systems to handle such large pile of data. This is where cognitive computing system comes into play, it can easily process complex data and based on the information received from this data can reason, make decisions and come up with the most accurate result possible.

IBM Watson

The world renowned multinational technology corporation IBM has launched the “IBM Watson” an artificial intelligence system. Watson is based on cognitive computing that is able to draw conclusions based on the information provided by processing any previous information on the subject available at its exposure. IBM Watson requires a human carrier for the provision of latest up to date and verified piece of information. The system goes through this information and draws a logical result.

Ranging from the field of medical to business and even for cooking, the system analyzes every single chunk of information, similar to human brain which before making any decision develops certain hypothesis for the process and after comparison the most logical solution is accepted IBM Watson works on the similar principle. Unlike other operating system Watson is able to process a rather raw and complex form of information for example the data from daily communication of people which is in a rather disorganized form.  Watson utilizes common languages its grammar, punctuation, the semantics in other words it is able to analyze even a sentence in way human does. To do this Watson copes or more appropriately learns the language and jargon. For example for a doctor to carry out diagnosis a person an application is also launched by the company which can provide information regarding the daily exercise of the person form his AI wrist band and by the persons medical history from other medical advisors to  make the correct diagnosis of the problem.

The company is promoting research in the field for further improvement in the system and in doing so it is holding various competitions with huge prizes along with motivating scientist and developer for increasing their interest.

Watson IBM



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