Starry’s 100x faster and cheaper Wi-Fi connection

Cheap and Fast internet, a dream come true

There was a time when internet technology was a farfetched technology. After the 1950s when the electronic computer came into being the transfer of data with the help of packet networking began. After this rapid advancement in internet technology took a boost and the result is today’s fast networking system.

Internet connection today is far faster than it was back a decade or so; even so it is becoming insufficient to meet our needs of online data transfer. Data connection services at homes and business are quite expensive but still slow. Due to this there is an ever growing demand of faster and cheaper internet services. Gigabyte connections are available only at high-tech laboratories or defense facilities, not at the exposure of common people. Many tech and telecom giants are under process finding ways to provide cheap and fast internet service but still the idea is under experiment.

Faster and Cheaper Internet at your Exposure

While the idea of cheap and fast internet connection is still at its initial stages at other companies, a Boston based company Starry is already planning to introduce fast, affordable wireless internet access on commercial level. The startup is claiming to provide not just fast but almost 100 times faster than already available home internet connections to the customers. The problem in achieving this goal is expensive hardware for high capacity wireless technology which is based on millimeter wave active phased array.

The company has expected to launch its trial model this July.  It will able to provide an internet connection at much less rate as compared to other service providers, usually a connection for some business costs around $2500 but Starry is providing it for only $25 and not to forget with much better transfer speed. The service will be provided with a 2 foot tall transmitter with the capacity to meet the demands of 600 to 900 customers at a time with in a limited area of almost one kilometer. A small device of the size of a small Soda Can will be installed on receiver end with an Ethernet wire for further connections. All in all fast and cheap internet connection is not just a dream any more but a reality.





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