The all new personal AI trainer for you “ Vi ”

The world of Artificial Intelligence

Once considered as a mystic technology, the artificial intelligence has now made its place in our lives. It is no longer limited to just laboratories for scientific purpose but has made its way in daily life activities to a limited extent. As a result of curiosity and a constant demand to move forward in a more advanced world, technology is constantly improving the living standards of our lives or more appropriately reshaping it. In the light of this progress introduction of artificial intelligence is said to be the most important development and will definitely prove to be the most influential one.

“Vi” the personal AI trainer

In this growing market of devices with availability of an artificially intelligent system, an Israeli based technology firm “LifeBeam has developed “Vi” that lives in a wearable neck band with a pair of earphones. The wearable is combination of an artificial intelligence system in the form of an earphone which will be able to serve the user as a personal trainer for his daily exercise. It is like that LifeBeam is the first personal training device but other have also been introduced in the consumer market before such as “Moov Now” but the developers of “Vi” claims to that it is that “first true artificial intelligence personal trainer” which also there tag line. This is because “Vi” contains a much sophisticated artificial intelligence along with a number of sensitive biosensors to monitor heart rate, the effort by the user by analyzing heart rate variability.

What “Vi” is capable of and its features?

“Vi” takes under consideration all of the pervious daily routine of its user to design his or hers exercise plan. It takes into account the environmental conditions such as weather and other features such as height, motion, location and elevation of the track to guide the user that whether to increase or reduce the pace  through the earphones. Other than this “Vi” uses applications like Googlefit and apples Healthkit to attain maximum possible data to provide most efficient actions for the user to achieve its goals. You can keep connected to “Vi” via an app for mobile phones or through text massages.

It is true that no trainer alone would be able to motivate the user, so the developer’s engineers have equipped the “Vi” with Harmon Kardon sound system. It is able to connect with streaming services like Spotify to provide you with the music you love.

The device will be available in market from December 2016 and it is expected that the price of the will be around $199-$250.




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  1. Niklas

    No link to Vi?

    • Hello Nikolas,

      You are right, thanks for your comment.
      We put a link to Vi. 🙂



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