Futuristic luxurious Villas “The Floating Seahorse”

Revolutionized Real Estate Business

Real estate business has always been a very expensive business and quite a challenge as each customer as its own demand lists but still the there is no limit for its expansion. As long as there is earth people will need homes to reside and with the change in living life styles by each passing day there, the demand for real estate developers is ever growing. In the recent years we have seen a clear revolution in the business as developers are taking the living standards to new heights. Dubai has proven to be the hub of this business as people there are willing to make investments to level up there living life styles and “The Palm Islands” is a clear example of that.

The Ever Growing Living Standards

People no longer want to reside in simple boring houses; there is an ever growing demand for change. To meet these demands engineers, designers and developers are coming up with exciting new ideas to boost the level of living.

Dubai’s Floating Homes “The Floating Seahorse”

A European based top notch developer company The Kleindienst Group has started a luxurious floating dream house project “The Floating Seahorse” in the Arabian Gulf. The villas are approximately 4 kilometers from the coast of Dubai. Kleindienst Group has launched the project under The World Island scheme. The Floating Seahorse is one of its kind partial underwater boat with no propulsion system but can be moved if needed.

These luxurious villas are specially designed as holiday home with full fledge privacy. A total of 131 villas are expected to be created which will be fully customizable according to the customer’s desires. It a three level sea building with one level completely underwater with an artificially created coral reef for sea creatures. The underwater level is specifically made to enjoy the beauty of ocean depth from a master bed room to provide a great living experience.

The level above has a living room along with an extension of open living space to enjoy the sunshine and swimming. The upper deck consists of a mini bar and a unique glass bottom Jacuzzi.  All in all these villas are piece of art and great engineering and one that is worth living.





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