The Transhumanist at the Viva Technology Event!

The Transhumanist at Viva Technology forum, and opening its gates in Paris at the fairgrounds.

Between june 30 and July 2, let’s meet and discover with the most innovative companies to share tomorrow’s technologies!

Google Car in Paris

Google Car Viva Tech
Google Car Viva Tech – The Transhumanist

Google says autonomous cars will be available “relatively soon” and people will accept them in their lives faster than some observers have expected.

Publicis Group

Publicis wanted to create an event on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of Publicis Groupe. The event’s co-organisers, Les Echos [Ed. a daily French financial newspaper], also had something in mind. We came to an agreement to create this event together. France is the major absentee when it comes to international technology shows. Yet the digital world is transforming our way of life, transforming our professions and shaping our future. To boost the dynamism of startup founders and the prestige of all the major players, France needed something that would place it at the heart of the digital world with major global names involved.

Publicis Groupe CEO Maurice Levy has revealed that the company will invest a sum of €10m into 90 startups, while also issuing a call for change in the running of the EU no matter what the outcome of the British referendum on Thursday 23 June.

Speaking to The Drum, Levy explained that following his promise and subsequent “pressure” to create the technology event, agreed having organised the E-G8 Forum before the G8 meeting in 2011 of world leaders, he was determined to follow through.


During a CNBC-hosted session at the Viva Technology conference in Paris, John Chambers outlined how countries such as Israel, India and France are leading the way in digitizing their nations, but the U.S. has no game plan.

“If you watch, the fundamental change that now is occurring in all society, the information age which went from 1990 to 2010, the U.S. was a key beneficiary of that, President Clinton rode it quite effectively with GDP growth, job creation. You’re now about to see a digital revolution with five to 10 times the impact of the internet today,” Chambers said.



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