Elon Musk developing housekeeping robot

The futuristic thought of developing machines more specifically to develop robots that will be able to perform activities such as cutting the grass in the backyard, washing the dishes or clothes has always been a dire wish of every common person so that he would be able to take a sigh of relief from these daily tiresome activities. Here we are, a new housekeeping robot. With the ongoing development in technology and science robots are already working efficiently in industries instead of humans, but now the time has come that we introduce the technology of robotics in performing everyday household chores.

Elon Musk’s Open AI answer to problem

Tech tycoon Elon Musk’s newly introduced firm Open Al has announced the development of robots for performing household chores. The task is the development of a robot technology that can perform the mentioned activity without any risk in a safe environment. It can be described as more of a making modification in the already existing technology and changes in the algorithms.

Artificial Intelligence in everyday life

Still this can prove a great advance towards achieving an almost perfect artificial intelligence system although it already exists but still at its dormant state limited to laboratories. Introducing robots that can perform housework can be said as the introduction of artificial intelligence in everyday life. Algorithms that will enable a robot to understand more diverse commands and natural languages that are more advanced than answering simple questions and translation have still to be developed.

Some of the scientists believe creating such a sensitive artificial intelligence system that would understand processes and continue to evolve on its own is not possible now but will be in the near future but on the contrary by creating such a system it is possible that mankind will carve its own way of downfall and it may even cause a threat to the human race on the planet earth but these are all still theories and it will be immature to say that scientist would not develop a counter measure for such situation.



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