Cultivate Hive Mind: To Keep up with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial minds are surpassing human minds. The artificial intelligence created by human beings has now become a threat to humanity. The machines are becoming faster and more intelligent day by day. The day is not far when these machines will start challenging the human beings in a negative way. Cultivation of Hive Mind, therefore, becomes necessary for human survival.

Rising power of machines is dangerous

The machines of today are not limited to filling cola in plastic bottles. These machines have been given the power to think in a more practical way. These machines do not recognise emotions hence can be potentially dangerous for the mankind.

Real Life Example of the problem

The power of A.I cannot be underestimated. Alpha Go, a robot has shown this power. The entire A.I community was shocked when Alpha Go defeated his master 4 out of 5 times in a board game. The power of these machines has become uncontrollable. In order to keep the humanity intact, cultivation of Hive Mind is necessary.

What is a Hive mind?

The word ‘hive’ is used to describe a colony of bees which live in a nest. Bees are always found in groups. They always fly in groups to find a living. The results of a recent research on bees’ show that they make a right choice to place their nest, 80 percent of the time.

How to cultivate Hive mind in humans?

The human beings should get together to create a Hive Mind so that they don’t lose against the robots. In this way, human beings can make complex decisions like the honey bees. Using this strategy, human beings can pool their knowledge to effectively counter harmful A.I

The challenges posed by advancement in the field of A.I cannot be ignored now. One solution to counter this threat is to create a Hive Mind, as a hive mind is a mind full of emotions, life and thought. We should take the subject seriously and look for other solutions to this problem as well.




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