Robotic Limbs behave like natural Limbs by Bionic Spinal Cord

With the help of bionic spinal cord you can make the robotic limbs move with the power of thought. Yes, this has been made possible with recent tests of Bionic Spinal Cords on animals. The results are very impressive but the technology is still in early stages.

Paralyzed people can walk again with Robotic Limbs

Good news for the paralyzed people as they can get their robotic limbs move with the help of Bionic spinal cord. Instead of a risky open brain surgery they can walk as if they have normal legs. The researchers of Australia have developed this spinal cord.

Neural Recording devices made it possible

Research team from Vascular Bionic Laboratory at a University of Melbourne have developed a neural recording device that can record the neural readings. These readings then can be transferred to the robotic limbs to move them. The use of Stentrode can potentially expand the use of interfaces between the brain and machine.

Bionic Spinal Cord has been successfully tested

The concept of the Bionic spinal cord has been successfully tested on a sheep. They have taken the measurements from the parts of a sheep brain which are responsible for movement with the help of a device as small as a paper clip. So with the help of these recordings an exoskeleton of limbs can be put in motion.

The Stentrode and its installation in Brain

The Strentrode is a small device which can be inserted in the brain. There is no need of open brain surgery as the device can be transferred using catheter angiography. Using this technique the Stentrode can be taken to the brain with the help of blood vessels of the neck. The Stentrode can then pull out the readings which can then be sent to the bionic spinal cord to move the robotic limbs.

The research however new has great potential to provide the legs to the people who are either paralysed or don’t have legs. If this surgery is done on large scale and the projects get good funding from the government sources and NGO’s it can help thousands of people to stand on their feet.




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