Automation in cars redefined by automobile manufacturer Tesla

What do you think before buying a car? Are you still stuck to the old criteria like mileage and comfort? What if I say you don’t need to drive a car while you are at driver seat? The car will automatically take you to your set destination. Automation in cars has been redefined by the automobile manufacturer Tesla to an extreme level.

Adjust car height as per road conditions

As the road becomes bumpier the car automatically increases its height from the ground so that the car is not damaged. Vice versa if the road becomes smooth then the car manufactured by Tesla decreases its height to give you comfortable ride.

Your Tesla car will sense the Key

  • The automation in cars by Tesla has been defined in quite unique way. It senses the key of the car if it is in close proximity to it.
  • It will open the door for you automatically in such a case. There is an automatic charging port which is totally based on sensors.
  • In order to close the door of the car you just have to put your foot over the brake.

No need to adjust the seats

The seats automatically move forward to the third row of the car. You need not to move back and forth in the car by Tesla to get the most comfortable ride. The seats of the third row automatically moves down as the third row moves forward.

Automation in cars at its best

  • When your car is in close proximity to a wall or other things it will not open hence preventing any damage caused to the car.
  • The depth of the trunk can be adjusted accordingly. If you are carrying more luggage the depth will increase.
  • Tesla car also has an additional luggage space in the front.
  • You can control the entire car with the help of a simple smartphone application.
  • You can also read the owner’s manual in the smart phone application.

These automatic cars have the power to run on the autopilot mode whenever required. The car has been designed by Tesla keeping in view the future of automation in cars.




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