New Home Automation Tech transforming our lives

Home automation Tech is transforming our lives at light speed. The recent advancement in the field of thermostat technology has brought such a change. The way thermostats work has been redesigned. Now the thermostat can adjust itself based on your usage patterns. It learns about the temperature and your usage pattern to give the desired temperature for your home.

New thermostat cuts your bills

The new thermostat designed by Apple cuts the energy usage to about 20%.It monitors the temperature levels of your home and the round Apple display gives you the correct reading of the temperature .It adjust itself according to your usage and needs.

Growing market of Home Automation Tech

The home automation technology is becoming smarter day by day. With a lot of players in the market the competition in the home automation market is increasing. The technology is still in the urban households and not everybody can afford it. But the industry is seeing a shift and customers are increasing rapidly.

People are becoming aware slowly

People are becoming aware of the home automation slowly. The customer base of the companies is rising very fast. With the advent of smartphones and smart watches the home automation Tech is becoming more affordable.

Home automation Tech has more to offer

  • Besides the thermostat technology there several other home automation tech applications which are worth a consideration.
  • The best example is smart lock system where the Bluetooth phone recognition technology will avoid unwanted people to enter in your home to do a robbery.
  • You can watch the movies released the same day in your home theatre systems just with a finger print scan.

Major security threats

Bringing homes closer to the technology is just like taking your homes to the internet. The privacy and hacking issues are there which can creep up any time. As the technology is still new people are not willing to take the risks yet.

Home automation Tech is really effective in solving our day to day home problems. With new inventions in this field and its use increasing rapidly it will most certainly solve our home related issues.




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