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Achilles Heel: New technology to cure cancer

Achilles Heel: New technology to cure cancer

The research is new and some scientist believe that it is practically very complicated to cure cancer using “Achilles Heel” technology. The deadly disease of cancer that has taken the lives of many people in the past, can now be cured. It can be cured using this new technology known as “Achilles heel”. With the help of this new technology the body can target the disease easily.

Cancer Cells are hard to identify

The cancer cells are just like a tree, with its branches going in different directions. This is also known as cancer heterogeneity. These cells are hard to find because they are not evenly distributed. The new study shows a way to solve this problem.

Views of Professor Charles Swanton

Professor Charles Swanton is extremely fascinated by this new discovery to cure cancer. The target tumor antigens can now be prioritized with the help of this new technology. This is taking medicinal science to its absolute limits in order to cure cancer.

Different approaches to cure cancer

1. Develop cancer vaccines

2. Multiply the number of immune cells

Impractical to cure cancer

Most of the scientists have a view that it is impractical to cure cancer using Immunotherapy because cancer cells do not stand still at a point. They keep on evolving and changing their positions. So such a system can act as a temporary solution to cure cancer in a particular area.

Bringing such a remarkable technology to cure cancer is a great effort by the scientists. It needs to be appreciated, but proper testing needs to be done before performing such therapies on large scale in order to cure cancer.