Finger Tracking Tech enters in your arm

Human beings and machines are coming closer in a way never imagined before. Technology is entering the human bodies now. The touch that you used on your smartphone or a smartwatch is now coming on your arm. You can now use touch gestures on your arm to control a smartwatch. The Finger Tracking technology has made it possible.

Small touchscreen reason for invention

The small touch screen of the smart watches has been creating issues for quite a while now. The small size of the smart watches creates the problem in the navigation. The solution to the problem is the Finger tracking systems developed by Carnegie Mellon University.

Finger Tracking Tech in Action

The smartwatch is designed in such a way that it does not pose any harm to your body. The strap of the watch is mounted with two electrodes on either side. You will have to wear an electrode ring on your finger which will be used for navigation. As the ring moves closer to the watch, the navigation comes into the picture. The distance between the ring and the electrodes help in creating electrical signals to control the device in the arm.

99 percent accuracy achieved

The Finger Tracking Technology has been tested successfully on a major smartphone game. It has given accurate results. The difference in the phases of the various electrodes present in smartwatch band and the ring is based on the distance. These electrodes can be implanted on the sides of the smartwatch to improve the navigation experience.

Problems with the technology

As of now the technology is quite expensive and hence cannot be targeted for a wider audience. Some issues need to address with electrode ring. The ring of the Finger tracking technology drains out the battery very fast. The electrical signals fluctuate with the sweat of the body which causes a problem in tracking the smartwatch.

The technology, however, is new has a brighter future for the handheld devices. With the screen sizes becoming smaller day by day, the Finger Tracking technology has the power to control many devices in future.



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