Nanotechnology: Creating the energy of Future

Scientists are finding new ways to generate energy because of the ever depleting non-renewable sources of energy. This is done so that our future is secured as far as energy is concerned. The new sustainable sources are being discovered. The new development in this quest is the conversion of chemical energy into the other forms of energy using nanotechnology.

A tiny atom can do wonders

A small engine has been developed by scientists which makes use of nanotechnology. The idea is to generate energy using the movement of atoms. These atoms are made to move by heating and cooling effect.

Nanotechnology at its heart

This technology, although new can solve a wide range of issues. The issues pertaining to cancer and other deadly diseases can be treated. These atoms can be sent inside the body as Nano robots to inject medicines in the patient bodies.

Best use of Nanotechnology

A graphene based Nano-robot is being conceived by scientists. The goal is to make the Graphene, which is a two dimensional sheet of carbon to expand and collapse using a laser beam. This can turn Graphene into an engine which can be used to power robots.

Nano-rotor built using chemical energy

The laws of quantum mechanics come in handy when we want to remove friction. These nanoparticles avoid friction. The friction does not come as a hindrance to them as a result a free flowing motor can be generated with the help of nanotechnology.

Matching the speed of a rocket

Can we bring the speed of a rocket to the atoms? Yes the particles can be accelerated to a speed that matches the speed of a rocket. These rockets can deliver the drugs to the specific area of the body which cannot be reached using normal medication.

So the nanotechnology has a bright future in the medicine world to cure the most deadly diseases. Continuous research has been going on from a while now and surprising results are coming up. Hope the technology grows on a large scale and become feasible for general public as well.

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