Energy sources of Future to generate power

Various sources of energy are present around us .These energy sources are more eco-friendly than the sources we currently use. These sources are renewable and available in plenty. There are no chances of depletion as they form the basis of human life. Although these sources are inextinguishable, using them as a permanent source of energy is not economical.

Sun is our best friend

Sun is a permanent source of energy for earth. This energy can be stored and transformed into different forms using the solar cell panels. Transparent windows are being developed, so that windows of your homes become mini power house.

Our bodies can also generate power

Human beings can also generate power. There are researches going on to generate power from the human movement. So the day is no far when you will be able charge your mobile device just by moving it.

Generate power through waves

Oceans cover almost 70 per cent of the earth surface. Hence there is a huge potential to generate power using the tides generated in the oceans.

Remove Hydrogen from Water

Hydrogen is present in abundance in our atmosphere. But the problem is that it is present in compound form. Once the hydrogen is separated from oxygen it can power your cars so you don’t need to worry about petrol anymore.

Underground lava for generating power

The heat generated form the geothermal waste is being used in Philippines and Alaska .The recent developments in this field have given surprising results.

Nuclear fission and fusion reactors

The nuclear fission reactors have been in use from a long time now to generate power. But the systems produce a lot of nuclear waste. On the other hand the nuclear fusion reaction is more capable of generating the power.

Problem with using biofuels as energy sources

Growing plants that give biofuels uses the same land which is used for growing food based crops. Hence it is inefficient.

So no need to worry about power as we have a lot of renewable sources of energy waiting to be explored.



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