Clean energy generation using fusion reactions

Scientists have found new results while doing experiments on nuclear fusion. They have gone one step closer to generating the power using these fusion reactions. The recent experiment at MIT helps to resolve the mystery of heat loss in a nuclear fusion reaction. The difference in the turbulence caused by ions and electrons is the major area of research.

How fusion reaction works?

The atoms of heavy form of hydrogen known as deuterium are made to stick together to form helium which releases a large amount of energy in the process. But the main hindrance to this reaction is the turbulence which leads to loss of heat.

Amazing new discovery to produce clean energy

  • The new discovery shows that the turbulence caused by the electrons are almost 60 times larger than that caused by ions.
  • The scientists are also surprised by these recent advancements, they found the results hard to believe at first.

New results making existing beliefs false

From more than a decade scientists believed that the turbulence caused by ions are more than that caused by electrons in these fusion reactors. The conventional thinking was wrong to such an extent that they thought the turbulence caused by electrons to be almost negligible.

Tokamak research reactors

There are 10 Tokamak research reactors currently in the world .This new evidence will help in understanding what is going on in these fusion reactors and would be a great help for the reactors which are under construction.

Large scale computations were done

Extreme Computations have been carried out to reach these results. Each simulation required 15 million hours of computation, carried out by 17000 processors for over a period of 37 days. The researchers at General Atomics are working on these new results and making simulations that can run on an ordinary laptop.

MIT graduate student Ruiz has also analyzed the experiments and wrote a research paper that provided independent evidence supporting the research on clean energy. With many more results yet to unfold in the generation of clean energy this research really took us near to the discovery of ultimate clean energy.



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