Can we be Immortals? The deciding factors to be Transhumans

What is called defeating death, by the Transhumans: A remarkable number of humans in today’s world live in destitute conditions. Diseases, Hunger, poverty, crime violence, injustice, wars and the list continues to grow. Even the richest of the rich die of painful diseases and ageing. In today’s fast growing world, to advocate the moral right to use technology , like gene editing, stem cell, nanotechnology , artificial intelligence augmented reality extends the human capacity surpassing the natural biological power and raises the natural limit and help us live longer and healthier lives.

With this thought ahead, we can decide what are the probable necessities that makes one a transhumans.

Optimistic Transhumans

Transhumans predict the indefinite future though filled with uncertainties, not next five or six years, not even twenty, thirty years from now but more than sixty or eighty years from now on. If we can believe that the laser treatments can cure blindness, radioactive rays can cure cancers then yes technology can delay death to a larger extent. Transhuman believe that the future is unforeseen. Yet, we move ahead more in the past 60 years than in all earlier times together and we can anticipate a rapid headway in the coming 60 years.

Critical Think Tankers

To become a Transhuman is an individual’s choice. One has to have a passion for technology and must believe that this will help the human race surpass death. Bringing in critical and innovative ideas by such think tanks will make the future of humanity.

Preferring Prosthetics

Artificial limbs and implanting other body organs have scientifically and biologically proved to be better than the original. The Prosthetics have always proved to smarter and swift due to its typical functionality. Preferring Prosthetics has always worked out positive and raised the confidence levels from humans to transhumans.

Artificial Intelligence

Transhumanist strive hard to be ultra-optimists. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can go as bad as a nuke but one must think positive to convert human ethics into machine intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) is one step closer to Transhumanism.

Astonishing delay ageing

Who wants to die young? Nobody. Healthcare industry has changed the definition of death. They have ensured that people live the longest and the healthiest lives possible, either by implants, or gene editing or nanotechnology. Lifespan certainly increases and technology in humans does delay ageing and increase the longevity and thus makes a Transhuman.

Transhumans have begun the journey of Transhumanism in the immortality bus and definitely sky is the limit for Transhumanists.



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