CRISPR and Transhumanism

CRISPR is a group formed by leading biologists in the world, who earlier called for a suspension of the use of a powerful new gene editing technique on humans.

Known by the CRISPR, the method permits accurate editing of genes for targeted attributes, which can be passed down to succeeding  generations.

CRISPR vows that technology may not be the only solution to overcome mortality. In the quest for the eradication of dangerous diseases like cancer, HIV, Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s, and much more could help prevent children born with any such ailments and illness or mentally or physically challenged .The scientific community appears to be fine and agrees that using CRISPR to overcome life taking diseases is ethically fine to go ahead as long as the technology, on the whole, is considered safe for use in humans. Nevertheless, taking into account that gene editing could hypothetically be applied to create techno babies, prevent aging or fight against diseases and much other life-threatening challenges.

Transhumanists believe that science is the basis for being a transhumanist and science is the only supreme power to conquer death. If considering CRISPR as a very vital toolkit that can be edited to create a powerful future generation which can go beyond the natural biological strength. Many H+ groups have earlier opposed the editing of genes, but later Zoltan Istvan an H+ candidate assured that CRISPR has a greater impact for the coming generations.

Though many groups consider that gene editing many erase human generations, but looking at the positive possibilities win over the dangers and the threats that these groups talk about.

With the help of CRISPR, we can overcome deathly diseases in humans and ensure that the next generations are born strong and powerful.

Perhaps it might be the faith in human nature or no faith in human nature or may be less faith in human nature and wisdom, when a new technology arises that is so transformative and exciting why this cannot be adopted and adapted.



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