Cyborg – The Modern Art of Body Hacking

Did you ever imagine the world around us filled with technology?

Where there are no old ways of using swipe cards for any online transactions, cure for cancer by just inserting a chip in the body and destroys the bad cells that kills a human or giving the blind to hear colors which a normal eye cannot see having your doors opened without your invention or switching the lights on, when you enter the room. Are you relating to Robots? Yes, you are right, the Human Robots, not the machine Robots.

These were once called as Robots. These bots were created by human to get the work done efficiently. But the brain behind these bots is the Human Brain that has the controls. How about the humans becoming bots by themselves by hacking their own bodies with a biological brain?

The body hackers or Transhumanist believe that humans can and should improve the human body condition through the use of advanced technologies. Body Hacking dates back to our ancestors to enable the shifts past the boundaries of biology. The notion is that we are steadily developing beyond the human body by biological means and are accomplishing something like the status of cyborgs that we will achieve by Technologies.

The important fact that remains is modern human beings with great psychologically, first, show up as our ancestor who have already lived few hundreds of thousands of years.  If we look back and clearly a look at the inventions we have made like clothing, languages, drafting pictures and many more inventions that followed few years later. We have imagined and did great things with the readily available technology.

So we were always Transhumanists. The concept of transhumanism and body hacking comes from the evolution of technology which is nothing less than the methods of human civilization. Technologies are not things but the practices to lead a life beyond we have ever imagined.




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