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Logitech today has disclosed the Bridge developer kit, that makes it easier to use a keyboard while you are wearing the virtual reality headset. It also authorizes the developers to customize their keyboard’s appearance so that it could be matched up with the experience they are living in. Read the Post Logitech- Bringing Keyboards Into Virtual Reality

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01/09/2018 / / Technology

IBM‘s Watson is helping the doctors to identify treatment alternatives for cancer patients and is also suggesting solutions that most of the human failed to see.

The researchers at the University of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center had a supercomputer Watson for Genomics analyze “large volumes of data,” including the databases, past studies, and the genetic information in an attempt for identifying treatment options for 1,018 patients with “tumors with specific genetic abnormalities.” Read the Post IBM’s Watson Found Cancer Treatments That Doctors Overlooked